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Every business needs a CFO. Having a Chief Financial Officer giving financial direction for your business is crucial. Now you have one.

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Monthly Engagement & Support

Your new virtual CFO provides ongoing CFO support that is tailored to your business. As a working Chief Financial Officer, your new virtual CFO will review the financial health of the business, manage and optimize your company’s operational budget, provide financial forecasts quarterly/annually, review contract negotiations with vendors and employees, and conduct strategic recommendations based on the analytics and data from your bookkeeper and executives in your business.

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Financial Strategies

Growing businesses sometimes don’t often know how to utilize the cash flow and cash reserves from net revenue. Your new Virtual CFO will be giving you financial strategic planning, financial investment strategies and financial support to scale the business. Regardless of the size of your company or the goals you have, it’s essential to have a CFO with experience, wisdom, and proven success giving you the clear direction you need on an ongoing basis. At The Bookkeeper, we grow with you, but we also help you grow.

Scaling Opportunities

Scaling Opportunities

Sometimes all it takes is making the right moves at the right time with the right people and accelerated growth happens. With a virtual CFO from The Bookkeeper, you’ll be receiving financial strategies that increase your cash flow, improve profitability, and get a better understanding of how to successfully scale your business. We help you avoid the costly mistakes that could otherwise be avoided with a CFO on your team. Take control of your business and get the expert insight from a professional CFO without the expensive annual salary of a high-level CFO.

The simple virtual CFO process:


Schedule your live virtual CFO consultation.


Tell us about your goals & revenue streams.


We explore the best solution based on your needs and introduce you to your new CFO.
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Here’s why so many of our clients rely on The Bookkeeper’s Virtual CFO’s

At The Bookkeeper, we’re not your normal outsourced addition to your team. We take pride in literally being a member of your company. We treat your company as though its our own because your success equals our success and vice versa. We only have the best virtual CFO’s to assign to your business. Our CFO’s are professional experts that have been in financial officer positions for decades. We build professional relationships with each of our clients and build expert, superior strategies that are custom-tailored to your business. There’s no cookie-cutter models or outdated methodologies. We build strategies based on exact data and insights from our many successful clients across a range of industries. We’ll help you unveil the full potential of your business. To get started, schedule a free meeting with one of our CFO’s and we will introduce ourselves.

Why businesses love
The Bookkeeper

When Faysal said, “Your Business is Ours” I truly didn’t understand the impact of his words until we began working together. From the beginning, Faysal took the time to learn about and understand our industry to better serve our needs. He is a valued professional who has assisted us in everything from Accounting and Bookkeeping to Business Strategies. He is a critical thinker with excellent leadership skills and intuition. He and The Bookkeeper are an integral part of our Team and our Success! I couldn’t imagine having done this startup without The Bookkeeper's support and knowledge. Thanks for always being there!
William Schneider
General Manager, US Inspection & NDT, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA
The Bookkeeper Team has completely revamped our entire business by providing us with clear direction for our accounting and bookkeeping. Doing the accounting internally was not working and the Bookkeeper literally changed our entire business for the better. With the bookkeeper we have a CFO on the team and their reporting has made a world of difference to make business decisions leveraging accurate and current information.
Mike Brandner
Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys Metairie, LA

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