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Your business deserves to have a dedicated professional bookkeeper that knows your business inside and out. Welcome to The Bookkeeper.

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Business Bookkeeping Services That You Can Trust

At The Bookkeeper, we are primarily focused on building relationships with our clients so that we can understand your business completely. Once we understand your operations, we engage our professional bookkeeping service that provides accurate and timely recording of your company’s financial data. Because we are integrated into each of our clients’ teams, our business bookkeeping services run fluently and seamlessly so that all of the financial reports are presented accurately every month. But we take it a step further. We are also tech-focused. Each client has access to all of their financial data and reporting 24/7 within our client portal so that all of the data is transparent and easily monitored. Our mantra is: Know your business, know your numbers.

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Outsourced Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Most small businesses struggle with bookkeeping at some point in their business cycle. Whether that be a startup doing its own bookkeeping on Excel, or a growing business trying to do the books in QuickBooks Online. Or maybe, there’s a local bookkeeper that you trusted that just didn’t deliver adequate reporting and misclassified some crucial information. Regardless of your previous experience in bookkeeping, The Bookkeeper offers outsourced bookkeeping services at an affordable expense so that you can rest easy knowing that your financial data is being recorded accurately and effectively. One of our key differentiators is that we also communicate directly with your accountant, so that all financial documentation and reports are exactly how your accountant needs them for tax purposes. Bookkeeping services for small business should not be the responsibility of the owner of the company. Bookkeeping is too important of a need for a growing business, which is why The Bookkeeper is here to become your trusted partner and seamlessly integrate into your business so that you get accurate financial reports which you can use to make educated financial decisions to grow your business.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Professional Bookkeeping Service + Virtual CFO = Scalability

We’re different than your average bookkeeper for small businesses. While most bookkeeping companies only provide financial recording, at The Bookkeeper, we offer our clients our professional bookkeeping service AND our Virtual CFO services in tandem so that we can provide the precise financial reports, while also helping you analyze those reports, consult and advise based on the data. We proactively communicate with you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your financial reports. We communicate with your accountant to make sure that they have all of the necessary financial documents to properly file your taxes. We proactively provide a 24/7 reporting portal so that you can monitor your business’ financials without having to even ask. If you have questions, we’re always available to answer your questions. Don’t settle for an average bookkeeper. Your business deserves the best professional bookkeeping service and virtual CFO company. Schedule a free introductory consultation below.

Why Work With The Bookkeeper?

Personal, Expert Support

Bookkeeper for Small Business

Many bookkeepers for small businesses are either impersonal or they are extremely expensive due to hidden fees and consulting charges. At The Bookkeeper, our bookkeeping services for small business owners are affordable, relationship-based with proactive communication, and customized to your company’s needs.

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Virtual CFO Services

We offer Virtual CFO services in tandem with our business bookkeeping services so that your business receives professional financial analyses and suggestions correlated to financial strategies that help your business scale based on our accurate financial reports.

Industry-Specific Reporting

24/7 Advanced Reporting Portal

We developed our online customer portal so that our clients can always have real-time analytics and intellectual data at their fingertips. We provide monthly and quarterly reporting that alleviates the pressure of needing to find all your company’s financial data yourself. We go over this data with you to ensure that you’re able to make essential financial business decisions.

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Proactive Communication

We are a relationship-based company and integrate our bookkeepers and virtual CFO’s into your business. We learn everything about your business to ensure that we are able to strategically help your business grow. We take a vested interest in your business and treat your business as our own. Communication is crucial and we are proactively providing you with updates and analyses.

How to Get Started With The Bookkeeper

Book a meeting

Book a meeting

Click the button below to schedule an introductory meeting with one of our bookkeepers. We want to know more about your business and will discuss our process and set up progression.

Tell us your needs

Tell us your needs

We are interested in learning about your needs as a company. We want to know where you could use our help and we will customize a plan that tailors to your needs.

Get on the books

Get on the books

We’ll present a customized plan for your business, and we can get started helping you with your bookkeeping right away. There’s no rush, but there’s also no delaying. We’re here to serve you and we can get started as soon as possible.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business Owners 

Trying to find a bookkeeper for small businesses can be tricky. Who do you trust with all of your financial data? How do I know what the right cost for a professional bookkeeper should be? What questions should I ask? All of these questions and more are items that we like to address right off the bat. At The Bookkeeper, we are very transparent with our bookkeeping services for small business. Our professional bookkeeping team have a combined experience of over 50+ years currently serving more than 150 clients. We have worked in almost every industry and have the finest reputation in the industry.


We pride ourselves on being proactive with our communication and bookkeeping services. The Bookkeeper is more than just a typical bookkeeping company. We take pride in being a part of our client’s business. Our retention rate over the course of the life of the company is over 98%. When our clients realize that they no longer have to worry about their books and they also get a dedicated, professional bookkeeper, there’s no reason to change because we grow together. Our clients feel like they have an in-house bookkeeper…because they do. We put a personal touch and roll out the red carpet for every one of our clients. We serve clients in a wide array of industries and understand the nuances that are required to deliver meaningful solutions to each client specifically. Schedule a free meeting with us today and we will roll out the red carpet for your business.

Bookkeeping Services for Small Business Owners

Featured Client Success Stories

When Faysal said, “Your Business is Ours” I truly didn’t understand the impact of his words until we began working together. From the beginning, Faysal took the time to learn about and understand our industry to better serve our needs. He is a valued professional who has assisted us in everything from Accounting and Bookkeeping to Business Strategies. He is a critical thinker with excellent leadership skills and intuition. He and The Bookkeeper are an integral part of our Team and our Success! I couldn’t imagine having done this startup without The Bookkeeper's support and knowledge. Thanks for always being there!
William Schneider
General Manager, US Inspection & NDT, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA
The Bookkeeper Team has completely revamped our entire business by providing us with clear direction for our accounting and bookkeeping. Doing the accounting internally was not working and the Bookkeeper literally changed our entire business for the better. With the bookkeeper we have a CFO on the team and their reporting has made a world of difference to make business decisions leveraging accurate and current information.
Mike Brandner
Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys Metairie, LA

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