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Account receivables, account payables and payroll should be automatic. We guide you on set up and ensure that everything is recorded and classified properly. 

Accurate Classification & Recording of Expenditures

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Account Receivables

Account Receivables

Every business needs to be vigilant about collecting revenue each month. But you also don’t need to be spending time chasing down clients, managing invoices, sending invoices, or ensuring that the invoices were paid. Instead, we can help you set it up automatically. The Bookkeeper ensures that all of your company’s account receivables are recorded and classified properly on your monthly bookkeeping statements. You get real-time data and reporting. It’s a beautiful thing.

Recording Billpay & Payroll

Account Payables

The last thing that you need taking up more of your time is paying bills. Also, you want your company to honor your agreements and take care of your account payables on time. At The Bookkeeper, we ensure that all of your account payables are recorded properly on the P&L & balance sheet every month. We guide you to set up all of your account payables automatically so that vendors, subscriptions, internet, phone, and whatever other monthly expenses your company incurs, are paid on time. How easy is that?

Ongoing Bookkeeping Services


Paying your employees is the most important monthly task when it comes to accounting. We advise you on various automatic payroll solutions so that your employees (both 1099 and W2) are taken care of. We work directly with you and your accountant to ensure that each vendor, 1099 or W2 are recorded and classified correctly on your financial statements. At The Bookkeeper, we also ensure that the payroll is conducted with accuracy and compliance.

The simple AR, AP and Payroll process:


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Tell us about your company’s clients, expenditures & employees.


We discuss the best services to help you and get you started.
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Properly recording AR, AP & payroll is extrmely important.

A growing business has a lot to focus on, but sales, operations and taking care of your clients and employees should be the primary emphases. Having a professional bookkeeper that accurately records all AR, AP, payroll, and monthly expenditure entries is crucial. That’s exactly what we do at The Bookkeeper. We are an extension of your business. We work directly with your accountant ensuring that the books are on-time and accurately recorded each month. We take the responsibility of having that communication with your accountant so that you don’t have to worry about it. We are huge proponents of “knowing your numbers”, so we also provide you with monthly reporting so that you know exactly what your monthly expenditures are, how much revenue you’re driving in and guarantee accuracy. Schedule a free meeting with us today and we will get you access to one of our expert bookkeepers to learn more about your business.

Why businesses love
The Bookkeeper

When Faysal said, “Your Business is Ours” I truly didn’t understand the impact of his words until we began working together. From the beginning, Faysal took the time to learn about and understand our industry to better serve our needs. He is a valued professional who has assisted us in everything from Accounting and Bookkeeping to Business Strategies. He is a critical thinker with excellent leadership skills and intuition. He and The Bookkeeper are an integral part of our Team and our Success! I couldn’t imagine having done this startup without The Bookkeeper's support and knowledge. Thanks for always being there!
William Schneider
General Manager, US Inspection & NDT, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA
The Bookkeeper Team has completely revamped our entire business by providing us with clear direction for our accounting and bookkeeping. Doing the accounting internally was not working and the Bookkeeper literally change our entire business for the better. With the bookkeeper we have a CFO on the team and their reporting has made a world of difference to make business decisions leveraging accurate and current information.
Mike Brandner
Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys Metairie LA

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