Bookkeeping Services for the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry represents a range of professionals, including real estate agents, investors, landlords, and more. Regardless of what niche you find yourself in, you need a bookkeeping service that can help you manage your income, expenses, and compliance with industry regulations.

These are all aspects of your business that The Bookkeeper can help you keep under control.

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Why Real Estate Companies Need Professional Bookkeeping

The bookkeeping needs of the real estate industry depend on your specific business activities. For example, real estate agencies and brokers must consider items such as:

  • Tax planning
  • Job costing
  • Data entry
  • Reporting
  • Mileage tracking

Meanwhile, apartment owners and landlords must consider proper recording and classification of entries like:

  • Managing monthly income
  • Fixed costs (e.g., real estate fees or mortgages)
  • Variable costs (e.g., maintenance or groundskeeping)
  • Marketing
  • Communication & delivery of the accurate data to your accountant

All of these needs are only magnified by the current real estate market and the desire to grow your real estate company to the next level. Real estate is all about sustaining existing relationships, while continuing to build new relationship. At The Bookkeeper, we become a part of your business and focus on a healthy relationship with our clients. We have many years of experience working with real estate brokers, agents and lending companies.

We know the importance of accurately recording and classifying entries on the P&L and balance sheet. But we also know that communicating that data to you, your team, and your accountant is equally important. Through our comprehensive reporting tools and analyses, you can navigate the tax benefits, ensure that your books are clean, and use that data to grow your business wisely.

How The Bookkeeper Can Help You

Because of these diverse needs, real estate professionals should pursue an accounting firm that understands their industry and can provide the appropriate services.
The Bookkeeper can provide financial services related to:
Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

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Accurately record AR & AP per vertical

Record and classify W2’s and 1099’s

Record and classify W2’s and 1099’s

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Tracking Receipts and Expenses

Bookkeeping Services for Construction

Work with Your Accountant

Bookkeeping Services For Small Business New Orleans LA

Refine your business strategy through detailed reports

Additionally, every real estate professional can benefit from accurate reporting and consulting from financial experts that will help you utilize the reports to make wise decisions with working capital and investment opportunities back into the business. The Bookkeeper is the partner you’ve been looking for to give you the financial guidance and direction you need. Know your numbers, know your business.

Ready to get your company’s books done right?