Bookkeeping Services for the Legal Industry

Bookkeeping Services for the Legal Industry

For many law firms, depending the type of law practiced, there are multiple verticals and categorical entries made in the P&L and balance sheet. However, firms don’t always know the proper way to record these entries. It may be time to get a professional bookkeeper that specializes in the legal industry.

That’s why we’re here. At The Bookkeeper, we have over 60+ years combined experience and have professional bookkeepers that have been working within the legal industry for years.

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Expert Bookkeeping for Legal Practices

Your career in the legal industry represents years of education, hard work, and sacrifice. But running a law firm also involves making a lot of business decisions and accurately recording those decisions within your company books. That’s why we partner directly with law firms and businesses in the legal industry because it’s just as important to have a great attorney as it is to have a great bookkeeper.

Law offices must manage and record financial details such as:

  • Categorically record business income
  • Accurately record leasing of office space
  • Precisely record and classify payroll for W2’s, 1099’s and vendors
  • Accurately record and classify marketing, PR, events, meals, and every other expenditure monthly on multiple company documents
  • Effectively communicate with your accountant with precise data for the entire year

In an industry where you have an incredible responsibility to your clients, having to deal with incorrectly managed books shouldn’t be a top priority for anyone in the firm. That’s why partnering with The Bookkeeper can alleviate that responsibility and ensure that everything is recorded correctly and reported to you each month. We also work directly with your accountant so that there is seamless communication.

How The Bookkeeper Can Help Your Practice

Having a handle on your books will help your law practice expand and flourish. But in-house accountants and bookkeepers don’t always have the specialized knowledge or experience to assist with the legal industry. 
The Bookkeeper can assist your practice with services including:
Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

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Accurate Classification & Recording of Expenditures

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Work with Your Accountant

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Fast, accurate Financial Reports

Most importantly, we are an extension of your business. Although we may not be in your office, we are consistently communicating with you and your team as often as you prefer. Our expert team is at your disposal, while also proactively providing updates, reports and advice to help the company grow based on the data we aggregate and record. We can provide bookkeeping services and financial guidance that fits the needs of your law practice and help you navigate today's industry regulations.

Ready to get your company’s books done right?