Bookkeeping Baton Rouge, LA

Keeping the books is more than just an administrative detail. As a business owner in Baton Rouge, you depend on up-to-date financial records to keep track of your cash flow, plan for tax season, and pay your employees. 

Fortunately, you can have a professional, dedicated bookkeeper for small businesses in Baton Rouge, LA by partnering with The Bookkeeper. You’ll receive expert-level attention at a mere fraction of the cost of an in-house bookkeeper.

Virtual CFO

Bookkeeping in Baton Rouge, LA

All of our services include options for bookkeeping in Baton Rouge, LA for your local business. The Bookkeeper can help you keep your books organized with accurate data entries, industry specific advice, and direct communication with your accounting team so you never have to wonder about the state of your cash flow or the health of your company. 

We strive to literally become a part of your business. We spend the time in our initial meetings devoted to discovery and in-depth analyses of your business. It’s our goal to give you accurate and efficient bookkeeping in Baton Rouge so that you can focus on delivering the best product or service to your customers. You no longer have to worry about creating the P&L, balance sheet or monthly data entry. We help you get automated using third party software so that your business can run effectively without anyone in your organization having to lift a finger. We also provide you with a 24/7 client portal so that you can see real-time data so that you know exactly where your business is at financially and operationally at all times. 


Outsourced CFO Services Baton Rouge, LA

With The Bookkeeper, you can receive outsourced CFO services in Baton Rouge, LA. This means that you get access to a dedicated virtual CFO that will provide you and your business with industry-leading financial services and guidance on top of your monthly bookkeeping services. 

Having a Chief Financial Officer is absolutely crucial when scaling a business because every business needs a financial expert pointing out flaws in spending, suggesting wise use of cashflow (investing, write-offs, etc.), and offering proven council that you can trust. Our CFO Services in Baton Rouge, LA are designed to give you an ‘in-house’ CFO without them physically being in your office. We’re with you every step of the way and are also a fraction of the cost of hiring an ‘in-office’ CFO. 

Industry-Specific Reporting

Secure Client Portal 24/7

One of the best assets you’ll gain by partnering with The Bookkeeper is the 24/7 access to our secure client portal. Our digital dashboard provides real-time data of your company’s financial performance as well as detailed reporting. 

You’ll be able to make better business decisions when you have access to real-time financial data, and our experts can help you review your reports to know exactly where your business stands. If you take advantage of a new bookkeeper and a new virtual CFO, you’ll literally have an entire financial department of your business that will provide accurate, real-time data, professional suggestions and direction, as well as 24/7 access to financial data at your fingertips!

Personal, Expert Support

Payroll Service in Baton Rouge, LA

Your employees are your greatest asset. Whether they are 1099 contractors or W2 employees, they make the business progress. Make sure there’s no friction or delays in keeping them paid. At The Bookkeeper, we help you get set up with an automated, comprehensive payroll service in Baton Rouge, LA, that will streamline the way you perform payroll.

We work directly with your accountant, so anything related to accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll, can all be managed simply if it’s set up correctly. We’re here to help your business get automated and streamlined with a fantastic payroll service in Baton Rouge, LA. 


“When Faysal said: “Your Business is Ours” I truly didn’t understand the impact of his words until we began working together. From the beginning, Faysal [the owner of The Bookkeeper] took the time to learn about and understand our industry to better serve our needs. He is a valued professional who has assisted us in everything from accounting and bookkeeping business strategies. He is a critical thinker with excellent leadership skills and intuition. He and The Bookkeeper are an integral part of our team and our success! I couldn’t imagine having done this startup without The Bookkeeper’s support and knowledge. Thanks for always being there!”

William Schneider, US Inspection & NDT, LLC


“The Bookkeeper Team has completely revamped our entire business by providing us with clear direction for our accounting and bookkeeping. Doing the accounting internally was not working and The Bookkeeper literally change our entire business for the better. With The Bookkeeper, we have a CFO on the team and their reporting has made a world of difference to make business decisions leveraging accurate and current information.”

Mike Brandner, Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys

A Bookkeeper For Small Businesses in Baton Rouge, LA

Come see why our clients consider us the best bookkeeper for small businesses in Baton Rouge, LA. With experience that spans multiple industries, such as restaurants, retail, legal, construction, real estate, manufacturing, medical, ecommerce and more, The Bookkeeper can help you maintain your books and reach your truest potential. To get started, schedule a free consultation today.

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